Recruiting New People? Be Sure You See Outside The Frame.

A large alligator lurking just off the bow of our boat… looking a bit menacing and a little dangerous… a reminder of how challenging the recruiting, hiring, onboarding and successful integration of new people in your company is today.

What’s lurking?… Just outside the frame of the person in front of you, that you must be aware of? The candidate’s resume is, well, generous about prior experience and education… Or, she makes a great impression, almost over the top and you start wondering will she fit into our culture as well as it would appear? He talks a great game and at some points in the conversation, you start wondering does he have the cognitive bandwidth to do the job for us?

Just getting to through the recruiting process is like being at Lake Woodruff NWR in Florida, where I made this image…There were distractions everywhere, including hundreds of Swallow-Tailed Kites getting ready to come off their perches at dawn. With lots of possible photo subjects, where to concentrate my energy and focus? How to create those ‘razor sharp images’ that will make a lasting impression?

When you have a dozen… a hundred applicants for that new position you face similar challenges… where to focus your energy and how to stay focused to get the best image, the complete picture of the candidates. And, what is ‘Outside The Frame’ that you can’t see and need to be more aware of? And, there is still a business to run while you are distracted by having to hire someone new.

With this post, we are ‘renaming’ our blog. The Leadership Lens: See Outside The Frame.  In these posts, we’ll bring lots of ideas for staying C-C-I-R (Current – Connected – Involved – Relevant) as a 21st Century Leader.   My colleague Sara King and I, who make up the CEOIQ team focused on pre-employment assessments and long-term individual and team development, will offer ideas, inputs and guidance for CEO’s and their teams about getting those ‘razor sharp images’ of candidates so you can make the best selections most likely to succeed at your company. My passion for photography, particularly wildlife photography will be the metaphor we use to deliver those messages.

We’ll also talk about the PXT Select: A Wiley Brand assessment that is the core tool we use to work with CEO’s of small to mid-sized companies throughout the recruiting, hiring, onboarding and integration process. The PXT Select assessment is a powerful tool to have in your ‘camera bag’ and we are proud to be Authorized Distributors and Certified Practitioners using this tool.

Anytime you want to know more… or just talk with either Sara King or myself, Ben Griffin about how to sharpen your images and get the right exposure on employment candidates, just reach out using the email links above.

Ben Griffin
Author: Ben Griffin