Master Strategic Thinking

The typical leadership team spends less than one hour a month in real “strategic territory”.

Beat that lousy average with a super-charged Strategic Thinking Workshop! You and your team will learn how to make strategic thinking a ‘RROE’ — Regular, Recurring, Ongoing and Evolving — Strategic Thinking Conversation that focuses on where your organization needs to go and how to get there. Learn to use CEOIQ’s proprietary tools for workshop preparation and the Action Planning and Accountability Tool. Give clear shape and definition to your vision that you and your team can execute over 12-18 months.

This workshop, for your entire senior leadership team, is customized for your business and can run for two or three days, plus follow-up. It requires four to six hours of preparatory work by participants.

You can also bring Strategic Thinking to your Peer Advisory Group, Trade Association or Industry meeting with the CEOIQ® Strategic Thinking Toolkit program that is available as a keynote or seminar in 60 minute; 90 minute; and, 3 hour formats.

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Build a Winning Team with TeamAlignment

TeamAlignment takes time, leadership, focus and energy. But not having it takes more.

TeamAlignment takes time, leadership, focus and energy. But not having it takes more. workshops designed for organization leadership teams, is all about bringing focus to what matters the most. Sessions custom-designed for your organization are based on the “Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” and teach how to build a strong chain that leads from Trust through Constructive Conflict, Commitment and Accountability to Results.

The long-lasting tools learned in these workshops will provide a framework for teams to build on the workshops’ momentum and link team effectiveness to strategic thinking.

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Management By Objectives…
Making Accountability Real

Accountability is the most over-used and under-delivered-on word in the 21st-century business vocabulary.

This series of half-day workshops, designed for any leaders with supervisory roles, will teach your organization how to make it mean something through Management By Objectives. Learn how the CEOIQ MBO system works, from development through installation and monitoring, and how to create performance objectives and evaluations that measure performance in real, objective ways. 

When you’ve completed the workshop series you’ll have installed a top-to-bottom program that links your strategic vision to the day-to-day activities of everyone in your organization. Workshops are designed for six to 15 participants.

The MBO Toolkit is a 60 to 90 minute ‘keynote’ style program or a 3 hour seminar appropriate for CEO and Senior Leader Peer Advisory Groups, Trade Associations, Industry Groups. Participants learn the ‘What, Why and How’ of using Management By Objectives to drive accountability in any organization.

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KPI’s… Making Data Work for You.

Leaders too often find themselves “drowning in data and thirsting for information” these days because they are uncertain about what to track and how to track it.

This two-day workshop will teach your organization’s leadership how to create effective Key Performance Indicators and eliminate “data clutter.” 

Learning these CEOIQ tools and techniques will help your team identify the key drivers of success that are unique to your business, and monitor them relentlessly. This workshop involves both preparation and follow-up time.

The KPI Toolkit version of this workshop is available in 60 and 90 minute ‘keynote style’ presentations and a 3-hour seminar that is appropriate for Trade Associations, Industry Groups and Peer Advisory Groups. It’s an introduction to KPI’s and how they can work for you by getting focused on what matters most in this ‘wired world’ of information overload.

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The Language of Finance: How to Speak Banker

If you’ve ever felt that you and your banker were speaking two different languages…or that the bank just did not understand you, no matter how clearly you tried to communicate…You…Are…Not…Alone…

You did not start your business to be an accountant or financial analyst. Yet, there is a second language for business…called NUMBERS…that you have to be fluent in, particularly as your business grows and needs outside financing.

This CEOIQ® Language of Finance Workshop is a great way for you and your team to get fluent in that second language. This workshop can be highly customized to include your own financial data if desired.

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