What you will find here is a collection of tools, including:

  • Financial Analysis Calculators;
  • Diagnostics from our Executive Coaching Program;
  • Tools we use in Strategic Thinking Workshops;
  • Planning and Analysis Tools;
  • The CEOIQ® ARETE Diagnostic, a starting place for ‘your story’; and,
  • More…a continually growing ‘digital library’ of tools and resources that are our gift to you.

You’re invited to use anything you find here to strengthen your team, sharpen your financial skills, analyze your business or work on yourself. We’ll keep growing the content here – so check back from time to time for new stuff you can use.

Most of the Tools and Resources are completely free. As we continue to develop this section of the CEOIQ® website, we’re planning to add some exciting new digital books that you’ll have the opportunity to purchase separately.

Please poke around here. Let us know what you’ve found useful. Tell us what you’d like to see added.



Diagnostics & Tools

  • Breakeven Analysis Calculator

    Do you wonder if you are pricing that new product to generate enough margin? Are you even making your margin? This calculator will help you figure out the volume you need to sell at specific price points in order to assure profitability.

  • Business Debt Consolidation Calculator

    Will consolidating your business debt obligations reduce overall debt service requirement. Find out if you can free up cash, save interest costs, pay off your debt faster using this consolidation calculator.

  • Business Valuation - Discounted Cash Flow Calculator

    A big part of having an ‘exit strategy’ is knowing the value of your business and if that value is increasing to meet your personal financial goals. This calculator uses one of the most popular methods of analyzing your business value based on the cash flow you are generating. It’s only one of many approaches, and you can use it to ‘check-in’ on yourself about the value of your business.

  • Cash Flow Calculator

    The concept of ‘cash flow’ is often poorly explained and more often used too little, particularly by founding entrepreneurs who are pretty sure they never started their business to become accountants! AND...having a firm grip on your cash flow is really important! (If you don’t believe us, just ask your Banker.) Use this calculator to better understand the ‘ins-and-outs’ of cash flow.

  • Commercial Loan Calculator

    Get your facts together before you even start talking to your Banker about a commercial loan. This calculator will quickly help you figure out the debt service requirements (that’s the principle and interest payments combined that have to be paid out of cash flow) of a new loan. It also calculated your debt service coverage ratio. Being armed with this information as you start talking about borrowing money sets you apart from the crowd and demonstrates you have a great handle on your finances...and you do!

  • Debt Service Coverage Calculator

    Use this powerful calculator to calculate your total debt service coverage requirements for all your business loans. It will show you how your debt service coverage ratios (a very important set of ratios for your Banker) are impacted by changing income and capex assumptions.

  • Equipment Buy-vs.-Lease Calculator

    Is it more advantageous to buy or lease that new piece of equipment for your business? Here’s the calculator that will help you figure out the answer.

  • Financial Ratios Calculator

    Here is a whole set of calculators, rolled into one easy to use tool. Zero in on areas of your business that may need more of your attention, including solvency, liquidity, operational efficiency and profitability. You can use this tool to help create KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that will help you manage the business more effectively and grow your enterprise value more predictably.

  • Profit Margin Calculator

    Not generating enough ‘bottom line’? Use the profit margin calculator to help set selling prices that will improve your profitability quickly.

  • Working Capital Needs Calculator

    Growth eats cash! Growing too fast can...and will… grow you right out of business if you don’t understand the working capital required to fuel the growth. Working Capital is another of those misunderstood, under appreciated areas of balance sheet analysis that is where way too many entrepreneurs get in trouble. Our work with entrepreneurs and CEO’s over nearly 20 years has validated too often that failing to manage the balance sheet is where the biggest financial troubles crop up. Use this calculator to get a firm handle on the cash requirements of growth...or how much cash you can free up with more effective working capital management.

  • 9 Mistakes CEO's Make Hiring a Second-In-Command

    Time to get serious about building a leadership team? Need a key “#2 Executive” so you can spend more time ON your business? CEO’s often go through 2, 3, even 4 ‘Number 2’ executives before they ‘get it right’! Dramatically improve your odds of getting it right the first time with this CEOIQ® e-Book that is your guide to avoiding the 9 key mistakes.

  • Arete - Personal Strategic Thinking Diagnostic

    Arete is probably a brand new word to you...if reading about it on our website has peaked your interest, here’s your opportunity to do a deeper dive, exploring what your journey looks like today and into the future. We set the timeline for 5 years out...some of our Members go out to 10 years, which is even better. This is a diagnostic to work on over several sessions, not a ‘forced march’ to get through it. Be thoughtful, be authentic with yourself. Want to talk about it? Reach out to Ben through the website to set up a conversation.