What’s Your Leadership IQ?

Do you have a plan in place to achieve sustainable growth? Are you prepared to take advantage of new ideas and the rapid rate-of-change? Do you put your business values, mission and vision into action? Does your leadership team know what you expect of them and how they can contribute…make a difference?

Ben can help you and your organization achieve it’s highest potential. He will work directly with you to create a clear picture of where you are going…and, more importantly, WHY you are going there. Your Executive Coaching relationship with Ben will start with completing the ARETE Diagnostic. Many of the CEO’s he works with say that experience and the work they did to define their individual journey reconnected them with the “WHY” of what they are doing.

Do You Have a Business…or a Practice?

How are you doing developing your leadership team? Are you running a ‘one-person show’ that is too often running you and wondering where your life went in the process? Do all the decisions land on your desk…in your lap and you are the ‘world class snake killer’…maybe the only snake killer…in the place?

You can start the transition from one-person-show to building an organization that you lead working with Ben as your coach. He’s been thru it all…from senior corporate leadership positions to start-up entrepreneur to flirting with bankruptcy in a failed venture capital financing. He knows exactly what it is like to have a ‘practice’ with a lot of people on the payroll, running around trying to look busy and upward delegating everything because he let them. He also knows how to guide you to make the tough calls that most of us delay making until the problem is out of control. Ben likes to say…he has ‘been there, done that and has the scars on his back to prove it’. You can take advantage of his experience, wisdom, insights and interest in supporting your agenda while you grow your business and your team.


Confidential…customized…built for YOU.

Your CEOIQ® Executive Coaching membership is a direct relationship with Ben Griffin. You’ll work personally with him…One-To-One…and have the opportunity to explore the things you can’t talk with your employees about and that few others in your life really understand. The CEO’s journey…the Entrepreneur’s journey…can be a lonely trip. Have an executive coach traveling with you who really ‘gets it’ and can help light the way.

Every coaching engagement Ben accepts is unique…as unique as you are. There are no ‘cookie cutter’ approaches to developing as a leader. Ben honors and respects your uniqueness while working with you to hone your leadership skills. He is a combination confidant, accountability resource and ‘nudge’ when you need it. You will always hear what you need to hear, never what you want to hear working with him.

Executive Coaching Engagement…What It Looks Like

Any One-To-One relationship requires some “set-up”. Executive coaching is like that.

When you and Ben agree to a six to twelve month engagement, you will start with a couple of profiling diagnostics and doing some thinking…writing about your expectations, desired results, current role and Arete Journey. You are creating the foundation for an effective, productive working relationship with Ben.

You’ll have regular monthly conversations with Ben – they can be in-person if time and distance permit. And, in today’s ‘wired world’, his coaching conversations are increasingly done via video using any of the popular services – video sessions transcend distance and time barriers, making it easy for you to participate in the process. Once the coaching engagement is set-up, you will have a 90-minute in-person conversation, designed to work on your agenda. That conversation will set-up accountabilities that you’ll follow up on a 30-45 minute ‘check-in-call’ between the monthly coaching meetings.