An Ecosystem

Today’s business moves faster…sees more change in less time…and evolves at the ‘speed of thought’.

Being in the game and keeping up…getting ahead…is a constant Leadership Challenge!

Ben Griffin envisioned CEOIQ as an ecosystem for successful, busy, time-stressed leaders to expand their bandwidth and grow their LeadershipIQ. With CEOIQ you have the opportunity to use different learning modes, tools and techniques…all focused on supporting your ARETE Journey.

The CEOIQ Ecosystem includes real-world peer advisory groups, workshops, seminars and executive coaching experiences. It also includes virtual world digital leadership laboratories, focused peer group programs that are internet based, webinars, electronic tools on the website. Our resource library is growing all the time.

And, CEOIQ’s ecosystem is built as a 21st Century organization…a blend of virtual and real-world…Our Peer Advisory Groups are based in the Mid-Atlantic, our web development team is in Canada, we use Amazon Web Services and Vimeo…who knows where those server farms are located…a U.K. based service called eZs3 provides rapid video uploads…Our collaborators and content contributors are wherever we find experts who can contribute meaningfully to the ARETE Journey of today’s Leaders.

CEOIQ® Resources

Here on the CEOIQ website, we’ve developed, organized and made available a wide-range of resources for leadership growth and learning. Whether you are a founding CEO of a start-up, running a 75 year-old family business, a ‘hired-gun’, a C-Suite Executive, manager or supervisor getting used to having responsibility for people…there are resources here for you.

Peer Advisory Groups

In the Greater Baltimore-Washington area, we have programs for CEO’s running companies with $10 million of revenue and up. We also facilitate groups for smaller emerging companies and individual contributors. Check those out from the Home Page…click on the Peer Advisory Groups icon.

Digital Leadership Labs

CEOIQ® Digital Leadership Labs are a great way to expand your leadership bandwidth…on your time, your schedule and your pace. The labs are ‘all digital, video driven’ learning experiences. Set up your free access from the Home Page…click on the Digital Leadership Labs icon.

Executive Coaching

You can work directly with Ben Griffin or Sara King and take advantage of their experience, expertise and advice for your business and human capital. All great athletes have coaches…and, no one ‘does it alone’. Learn more about our Executive Coaching programs from the icon on the Home Page.

Tools & Resources

We’ve assembled a great collection of tools and resources for you – explore those from the Home Page icon too. There are business calculators and a bunch of downloadable diagnostics, templates and other tools that we use in our programs available there.


Our new, expanded blog, incorporated on the website, includes an eclectic blend of articles, videos, podcast segments. The content you’ll find here is developed from our current interests in leadership growth and learning. We capitalize on opportunities to get thought leaders into our video studio for ‘Fireside Chats’ about their work. Those vlog sessions sometimes become the foundation for new digital leadership labs programs. You can access the blog from the “Menu” icon at the top of any page on the website.

There’s More…

Virtual Programs…Workshops & Seminars…Assessments & Diagnostics are woven into CEOIQ’s ecosystem fabric. Soon, you’ll be able to join a virtual peer group and work on your strategy, human capital or other growth topics with peers and not have to leave your office to do it. You can reach out to us for support in evaluating employment candidates or the potential of your leadership team using our profiling assessment tools. Want a real-world workshop…we’ve got that too! Click Here to send us a message about what you want to talk about.