Take the First Steps to Upping Your Leadership Game in 2024.

This huge alligator, lurking right off the bow of our boat, looking menacing, just its eyes and nose out of the water was a powerful reminder of how difficult it is for leaders to see the entire picture. Popular wisdom says you are supposed to tell how long the gator is by measuring the distance between its eyes and the tip of its snout… definitely not the smartest thing to do if you value your hands. There is a whole lot more to this prehistoric monster than is visible in this photograph. Leadership today is a lot like that… There is much more to being effective, motivating your team, making the right short and long term choices than ever… and it isn’t going to be any easier in 2024!

In this challenging business environment…

  • Where and how work gets done is in a state of flux and is continuing to evolve…
  • The way leaders engage with and motivate their teams is increasingly important…
  • Economic headwinds… interest rates and a recession… continue to add to the uncertainty and bring fresh leadership challenges…

You have to be at the top of your game… 24/7/365. The key to upping your game is improving your self-knowledge and knowing what you can do to be more effective. That’s why CEOIQ is making this special offer to Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and C-Suite Executives.

The PXT Select Leadership Assessment is a comprehensive leadership insights and development tool that will help you take your game to the next level. That adage…”Leader, first know yourself” has never been more true, appropriate or useful than right now. Oh, and, the PXT can make a serious contribution to your recruiting and hiring process too as you and your team continue to deal with:

  • A challenging labor market
  • The new phenomenons of ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘no-show candidates’
  • The growing trend to ‘work from anywhere’… home, remote, in the office.
  • Inflation driving compensation continually higher.

CEOIQ is offering you the opportunity to complete the PXT Leadership Assessment and receive an hour of interpretation and coaching input from our knowledgeable, skilled practitioners who are certified in using this powerful tool. If you qualify (as an Entrepreneur, CEO C-Suite Executive) this offer (a value of $995) will not cost you a dime…nada…nothing!

At CEOIQ, where we’ve operated peer advisory groups for 24 years, conducted countless workshops and team development sessions, coached hundreds of executives…we want to ‘pay it forward’ in 2024 by offering qualified executives the opportunity to know yourself…and grow yourself…as a leader who is making a difference this year…this decade.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity, complete the registration information on this page. We will validate your eligibility and contact you by email to get the process started!

The opportunity to see outside your frame in 2024 is here…act now and be the best leader you can be this year!