Measure more than engagement.
Find out what’s going on.

Our tool lets you take a snapshot to find out:

  • how the organization habitually performs on management issues compared to 8 advanced-concept benchmarks
  • where it most needs dialogue between three tiers of management
  • how the surveyed organization compares to thousands of other responses

Our confidentiality inspires the frankness
needed to move fast.

“[The] process of identifying where we are … and the gaps identified in the survey set the stage for defining where we want to be.” — Director, Ross Laboratories (Division, Abbott Laboratories)
“I was very impressed with the results … as was my client. I definitely will use the OE survey again.” — Axis Leadership Group LLC
“I thought that I’d just start a few of the questions this morning, but became so captivated and intrigued that I ended up answering all five sets. This is an extremely powerful and impressive diagnostic which drives both crisply and enjoyably toward real action steps. As I mentioned on the phone, I’ve dealt with thousands of business owners in five different major cities over my 30 years in Commercial Banking. I can’t think of one CEO who wouldn’t benefit from this exercise…….and the follow-up reparative steps. … what you’ve designed is truly an outstanding tool! Cheers.” — commercial lending executive

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