How To Create Your Next Great Employee

10 Lab Sessions

How To Create Your Next Great Employee is your personal “coach” to help you recruit, interview, hire and onboard the next great member of your team.

This CEOIQ® Digital Leadership Lab is designed as a series of “coffee talks” between industry professionals. You’ll learn from experts effective ways to attract, interview, and recruit the best new employees for roles you need to fill. You’ll also learn proven strategies to improve qualification and employee training processes, and how to retain high performers. Even companies without HR roles will benefit by learning how to capitalize on HR assets with the resources they already have.

How to Create Your Next Great Employee is a comprehensive, full-scale eLearning course made up of multimedia content. It includes 10 labs, with a total of 24 videos, 1 audio lab session, and over 20 downloadable tools, templates, and checklists that you can easily customize to fit your situation.

Are you ready to create YOUR next great employee?

Key Learnings & Takeaways:

  • Develop effective recruiting and hiring skills so that you attract and retain the best people.
  • Understand the unique assets of HR, and how to leverage them to get more than just personnel administration – even if you don’t yet have an HR function.
  • Understand the recruiting environment – how to source the best candidates, working with recruiters (retained search and contingency search), getting organized to select the best candidates.
  • Building your interviewing skills – asking the best questions, dealing with the candidate types who show up, being sure you get the information you want and need to make an informed decision.
  • Staying in the game thru the hiring process – effective job offer letters, getting candidate acceptance and coaching someone who has accepted your offer thru the transition of notifying their current company they are leaving.
  • You get 24 videos, 1 audio summary track and 23 templates, checklists and downloadable tools you can customize and continue to use after completing this CEOIQ® Digital Leadership Lab.

Summary of Labs Included in the Course:


This Introduction is your orientation to the entire “How To Create Your Next Great Employee” Digital Leadership Laboratory.

The Playing Field Today

Provides a “macro” view of today’s recruitment environment and outlines leadership’s critical role in recruitment and hiring (it’s more important than you think!). Don’t pay the price for poor hiring.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Learn how to define what you’re looking for before you start looking, and get tools for job posting, determining compensation, and the first phase of new employee training.

Creating Your Candidate Pool

Acquire the resources and tools you need to develop and screen a competitive candidate pool.

Creating Structure In Advance

Preparing for successful interviews to get the information you need (including behavioral insights) about prospective employees. Includes checklists and templates for scheduling and conducting interviews.

Interview Interaction

Conduct interviews using questions that will give you insight to candidate’s likely performance on-the-job. Keep constructive control of your interviews by knowing how to handle the different ‘types’ of people you’ll encounter.

Making Your Decision

Integrate the information you’ve collected from all sources and learn how best to evaluate it to make the best decision about hiring.

Making The Offer…Getting Acceptance

Use the tools and templates plus video guidance to get your employment offer ready to present. Then, learn how to manage the process thru to acceptance by your Next Great Employee.

Onboarding & Orientation

Learn how to bring on new hires so that employees feel valued and invested from Day 1 – key for driving employee performance at all levels.

Summary & Wrap-Up

A ‘wrap-up’ of everything presented in How To Create Your Next Great Employee. Use as a refresher or reminder to review key lab sessions.